Миняша 31.08.2018 23:39

What can you say in these situations? add a sentence with the present contineos.

1) A friend is at your flat and suggests going aut, but you can see rain outside.

i don't want to go out now. look, ...

2) A friend rings you up at work.

sorry, I can' t talk now ... .

3) You want to get off the bus, but the man next to you is sitting on your coat.

Excuse me, ...

4) A friend wants to talk to you, but you have just started to write an important letter.

Can i talk to you later? ...

5) You have been ill, but you' re bette now than you were.

I' m ok now ...

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Ерофей 01.09.2018 01:26
1 it's raining there

2) i'm working

3) i'm going to go

4) now i'm writing an important letter

5) i'm feeling much better
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